Let’s peep into what a Website Development Company do?


Website development has become a common word especially after the penetration of internet even into rural pockets of the world. From a bird’s eye view, this is a wide term for the effort as a part of bringing out a web site either for internet or for a private network called intranet. Detailed list of web development include web engineering, web design, web content development. Now days even content management system or CMS has become a core part of Web development.

Learning new languages and updating knowledge alone is not meant by website development. It also includes prerequisite gathering and smooth sailing between human and computer in interaction. There has been a great improvement in the case of Website development from basic HTML sites to a completely communicating, knowledge sharing and e commerce sites. Some of development tools like HTML.5, jQuery and node.js were not even heard of a few years ago. But it is part and parcel of every web developer portfolio.

Following browsers which everyone knows are the most commonly used ones. These built into the browser and do not require any further elements or arrangement.

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Opera

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Difference between Web Design and Web Development

When you search Google by typing web automatically two search results will start showing up. 1) Web Design company and 2) Web Development Company. Nowadays these footings are nearly identical as “web businesses” tweak the way they label their activities. But, the fact is that these are two sides of a coin which require different skill set for website building method. It may be really interesting to know the difference between the two terms

To make it simple, web design deals with both aesthetic as well as the usability. Designers use different programs used for design like Photoshop, canvas etc., to create outline and other graphic essentials of the website. In the case of Web Developers, website design is taken and website is made come live and functioning by using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and some of the programming languages.

A closer look at Web Development

Web developers are also called programmers and they are specialized in creating a website that is working. For better understanding, let us say there is a non-interactive image of a website. What developers do is to break it down to various components. After that they use basic HTML programming or a more complex and dynamic languages like PHP do develop website of choice. Those who are experienced and keep abreast of the latest developments in web development go to the extent of creating a complete Content Management System. Some of the famous CMS include WordPress or Joomla and then rationalize the process to make clients help maintain and regular updation of website.

Image and content sliders or other web development tools are being used by Web developers to transform a static website into a responsive one and by providing links, buttons and other collaborative elements.

In the case of a Web application Development Company there are mainly coding, scripting and programming. For this, application developers uses scripting technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, MooTools, jQuery, Dojo Toolkit etc.


Myths about hosting in India Vs USA

We used to hear people saying it is better to host in US than in India etc., We will have a look at is there is any difference between web development companies in India and USA. But to be honest, we could not find any significant different in hosting in either of this country. The logic is you need to decide on hosting site based on your client population. If your company is targeting India, it is better to go ahead with Indian hosting and vice versa. But for a normal HTML page, whether the hosting is done in US or in India does not make any difference. But, when there are lot of users and database networks, it would be better to host in the region where the more users are from. In such cases, Content Delivery Network (CDN) comes into play for different demographics.

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To sum up, the importance of Web development and Web application development is gaining momentum in developing countries like India due to penetration of internet into deep pockets and people have started realizing the importance of developing personal branding for better career growth. Moreover, the companies have realized the potential of internet and even small traders are showing interest in developing interactive websites and are going digital with online transactions and e-commerce.

Smacar solutions is a company specialized in interactive web development and application development having office in India and US and may be contacted for your requirement.


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