[Infographic] Web Design Trends for 2017

Have a look on latest website trends that will help you to get updated about the latest trends that are prevailing in the industry Continue reading


Augmented Reality – Is Apple going to lead the pack?


Most of us are not aware of the fact that the term ‘Augmented Reality’ was first used by Tom Caudell, the Boeing Researcher in 1990. Tom along with his colleague, David Mizell established substitute to costly drawings and marking equipment which were used in those days to help workers. Instead Caudell developed a head- mounted device which displays flight’s required drawings and diagrams using hi-tech goggles and show them into reusable boards. Continue reading

Did Pokémon Go success really help Augmented Reality Companies?

augmented reality companies

Pokémon Go became the first mobile gaming platform to cross $950 millions revenue at the shortest period of time. Being one of the best-augmented reality games, this news item might be on the expected lines but the impact it created on augmented reality apps development is enormous. Contrary to other gaming companies’ apprehensions, Pokémon did not eat into others turnover and had created a niche segment itself for augmented reality games in 2016. Continue reading